Weigel’s Announces Opening of Largest Store to Date in Piney Flats, TN

Piney Flats, TN – August 17, 2023 – Weigel’s, a beloved and trusted name in convenience stores across East Tennessee, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated opening of its latest and largest store yet, situated in the heart of Piney Flats, TN. This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone for both Weigel’s and the local community, as the new store promises to bring an unparalleled shopping experience to residents and visitors alike.

The new Weigel’s store will be their 75th store, located at 5777 Highway 11E, Piney Flats, TN, and will officially open its doors to the public on August 17th. Boasting an impressive 6,400 sq. ft., this state-of-the-art establishment is set to provide an extensive range of products, amenities, and services designed to cater to the diverse needs of Piney Flats residents.

Highlights of Weigel’s 75th Store:

  1. Unrivaled Selection: The Piney Flats store will offer an extensive selection of convenience products, from freshly prepared meals and snacks to a wide array of beverages, Weigel’s award winning dairy products, and household essentials. The expansive floor plan allows for easy navigation and a comprehensive shopping experience.


  1. Cutting-Edge Facilities: Weigel’s has invested in the latest technology and store design to ensure an efficient and enjoyable shopping experience. Customers can expect state-of-the-art fuel pumps, modern checkout counters, and a thoughtfully designed layout for ultimate convenience.


  1. Variety of Coffee Experiences: Coffee enthusiasts will be delighted by the diverse coffee offerings available at the Piney Flats store. Weigel’s understands the importance of a perfect cup of coffee and will feature a range of options, including:
    1. Be a Barista with Franke machines: Indulge in the rich and bold flavors of expertly crafted espresso made using Franke’s advanced technology, ensuring a consistent and satisfying experience every time.
    2. Bean to Cup Machines: Enjoy the freshest cup of coffee with the convenience of a bean-to-cup machine, allowing customers to choose their preferred coffee beans and experience the aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee.
    3. Weigel’s New Nitro Coffee: Experience coffee like never before with the smooth and creamy texture of nitro coffee. Served on tap, nitro coffee offers a unique and refreshing way to enjoy this beloved beverage.
    4. Organic Drip Coffee: For those who appreciate the classics, Weigel’s will also serve their award-winning organic coffee, providing a comforting and familiar option that’s perfect for any time of day.


  1. Enhanced Services: Beyond its exceptional product offerings, the Piney Flats store will also provide a variety of services including Weigel’s Kitchen serving their famous pizza and hand breaded, never frozen Dippin’ Chicken.

“We are delighted to bring our largest store to Piney Flats and offer an enhanced shopping experience to our valued customers,” said Doug Yawberry, President at Weigel’s. “Opening our newest store here represents our ongoing commitment to providing top-notch products and services while becoming an integral part of the local community. We look forward to welcoming everyone to our new store.”

About Weigel’s:

Established in 1931, Weigel’s is a family owned and operated East Tennessee business. Weigel’s is a trusted name in the convenience store industry, known for its commitment to providing top-quality products and exceptional customer service. Weigel’s operates 75 convenience stores, a dairy, and a bakery. The bright spacious stores represent state-of-art convenience retailing, premium customer service, and locally sourced products. Weigel’s is dedicated to enhancing the convenience store experience for its valued customers.