Family-owned and operated East Tennessee convenience store chain, Weigel’s, will now include Swaggerty’s Farm sausage on their breakfast menu. Swaggerty’s Farm, the fastest-growing sausage company in the country, will be used in Weigel’s exclusive, fan-favorite, Stuffed Biscuit – in addition to an array of other breakfast sandwich options. Customers can enjoy these breakfast items with Swaggerty’s Farm sausage at Wiegel’s convenience store locations throughout the greater East Tennessee region by mid-September this year. Weigel’s will now serve Swaggerty’s Farm sausage in several breakfast items at the majority of their convenience store locations.

Also, a family-owned and operated East Tennessee company, Swaggerty’s Farm has been committed to quality and excellence since 1930. Centered around a family recipe using a unique blend of spices and a tried-and-true process, Swaggerty’s Farm consistently delivers superior flavor, texture, and taste to all their sausage products.

“Combining the history and tradition of two remarkable East Tennessee businesses seems like a natural fit,” says Swaggerty’s Farm Director of Business Development, Michael Schwind. “Both companies remain family-owned and operated and keep quality as a #1 priority. I’m very excited to watch this partnership develop.”

A familiar brand in the region, many East Tennesseans are accustomed to Swaggerty’s Farm premium sausage products. And for more than 90 years, Weigel’s has been a beloved, family-owned brand with a dedicated, community following – growing from a family dairy farm to the 75 convenience store chain it is today.  With bright, spacious stores, state-of-the-art convenience retailing, competitive pricing, quality fuel, and best-in-class customer service – Weigel’s stores are a trusted stop for many along any commute. For more information about Weigel’s or to find the nearest location, visit

To find out more about Swaggerty’s Farm, visit If you’re interested in also serving your customers Swaggerty’s Farm products, email or call 865-933-2625.

About Weigel’s

Established in 1931, Weigel’s is a family owned and operated East Tennessee business. Weigel’s is a trusted name in the convenience store industry, known for its commitment to providing top-quality products and exceptional customer service. Weigel’s operates 75 convenience stores, a dairy, and a bakery. The bright spacious stores represent state-of-art convenience retailing, premium customer service, and locally sourced products. Weigel’s is dedicated to enhancing the convenience store experience for its valued customers.

About Swaggerty’s Farm

Since 1930, the Swaggerty Family has been making superior sausage, made from fresh pork and a unique blend of spices. Today, Swaggerty Sausage Company, Inc. is a modern USDA-inspected facility located in the same small valley of East Tennessee. Focused on quality and growth, Swaggerty’s Farm® products are now available in over 13,000 retailers, wholesale distributors and food service establishments throughout the nation. With the fourth generation at the company today, Swaggerty’s Farm premium sausage products stand the test of time and remain what is quite possibly the best-tasting sausage in America.


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