Weigel’s Celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a Fiesta Extravaganza for MyWeigel’s Rewards Members

Knoxville, TN – May 5, 2024 – Weigel’s, the cherished convenience store chain celebrated Cinco de Mayo yesterday with its inaugural fiesta for MyWeigel’s Rewards members. In a jubilant fusion of flavors and fun, Weigel’s treated its loyal patrons to an exclusive offer, commemorating the vibrant spirit of the holiday.

Yesterday’s festivities saw MyWeigel’s Rewards members enjoying a complimentary trio of treats, including the refreshing Jarritos soda, indulgent Bimbo sponch, and invigorating Monster Ultra Fiesta energy drink. It was a celebration that delighted taste buds and uplifted spirits alike!
Billy Weigel, Owner of Weigel’s, expressed the company’s excitement, saying, “As a brand deeply rooted in our local communities, we were thrilled to embrace the festive spirit of Cinco de Mayo with our valued MyWeigel’s Rewards members. This event was our way of expressing gratitude to our loyal patrons while also commemorating the cultural significance of this special day.”

The Cinco de Mayo Fiesta at Weigel’s wasn’t just about treats; it was about creating memorable experiences and fostering connections. With a welcoming atmosphere, Weigel’s invited everyone to join in the celebration of diversity, unity, and the joy of sharing moments together.
To participate in this exclusive offer, MyWeigel’s Rewards members simply had to become a member by signing up on the Weigel’s mobile app or website. Membership is free, and the benefits are endless, including personalized discounts, special promotions, and unforgettable experiences like the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

Don’t miss out on future festivities! Stay tuned for more exciting events from Weigel’s.

For more information about Weigel’s, visit www.weigels.com.

Established in 1931, Weigel’s is a family owned and operated East Tennessee business. Weigel’s is a trusted name in the convenience store industry, known for its commitment to providing top-quality products and exceptional customer service. Weigel’s operates 79 convenience stores, a dairy, and a bakery. The bright spacious stores represent state-of-art convenience retailing, premium customer service, and locally sourced products. Weigel’s is dedicated to enhancing the convenience store experience for its valued customers.


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