Knoxville, TN – Weigel’s recently held a highly successful event on June 15th, marking a significant milestone for the company. Weigel’s Celebrates Successful Event with Polaris Side-by-Side Giveaway and Smash Burger Menu Launch creating an engaging and memorable experience for the community.
Attendees had the opportunity to sample Weigel’s new Smash Burger menu, which includes four delectable options: the W, BBQ Bacon Cheddar, Mushroom Swiss, and The Scorcher. Priced at $6 each, with an option to double the patty for an additional $2, these burgers were an instant hit, leading to a complete sell-out by the end of the day. “The overwhelming response to our Smash Burgers exceeded our expectations,” said Ryan Blevins, Director of Food Innovation at Weigel’s. “Selling out on the first day demonstrates our customers’ enthusiasm for quality, freshly made food, and we’re excited to keep innovating our menu to meet their tastes.”
The highlight of the event was the much-anticipated giveaway of a Polaris 1000 Side-by-Side. The lucky winner, Brittany R., a registered MyWeigel’s Rewards member, visited Weigel’s corporate office today to claim her prize. Brittany’s excitement and joy were evident as she received her new Polaris, an occasion captured in photos that will be shared on Weigel’s social media channels.
The event underscored Weigel’s commitment to community engagement and customer appreciation. “The turnout and positive feedback from our community have been incredibly gratifying,” said Nick Triantafellou, Director of Marketing at Weigel’s. “Our goal is to create unique and enjoyable experiences for our customers, and this event was a perfect example of that.”
In addition to the new menu success, the event highlighted the strength of Weigel’s marketing and loyalty programs. “Our customers’ excitement for our promotions and loyalty rewards has been remarkable,” said Jessica Starnes, Loyalty Director at Weigel’s. “We strive to create campaigns that not only reward our loyal customers but also engage new ones. This event’s success is a testament to our effective marketing strategies and our community’s strong connection to the Weigel’s brand.”
Weigel’s continues to prioritize customer satisfaction and community connection through innovative promotions and events. The success of the Smash Burger launch and the enthusiasm surrounding the Polaris giveaway highlight the company’s dedication to excellence.
About Weigel’s:
Established in 1931, Weigel’s is a family owned and operated East Tennessee business. Weigel’s is a trusted name in the convenience store industry, known for its commitment to providing top-quality products and exceptional customer service. Weigel’s operates 79 convenience stores, a dairy, and a bakery. The bright spacious stores represent state-of-art convenience retailing, premium customer service, and locally sourced products. Weigel’s is dedicated to enhancing the convenience store experience for its valued customers.


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